On last night’s big two-hour premiere of VH1’s new romantic comedy series “Single Ladies,” we finally got our chance to get to know the girls – and their drama. Set in the ritzy Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, the series opens with aspiring fashion mogul Val (Stacey Dash) hosting a party to celebrate the opening of her own fashion boutique… only to wind up getting dumped by her NBA player boyfriend Quinn, who didn’t like her marriage ultimatum.

Like so many brothers do when posed with the “are we ever getting married” question, Quinn backpedals, asking why they can’t just “live in the present” and tells Val not to “do this right now.” (Sound familiar, ladies?) Lucky for Val, her girlfriends Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) and April (Charity Shea) are there to support.

Keisha establishes herself as the kind of woman who doesn’t let love complicate life. After taking her date home for a little sultry sheet twisting, she sends him home in a cab (Can you believe the brother asked for fare money?!) and subsequently takes a late-night would-be booty call from another suitor — Malcolm Franks — played by the dreamy D.B. Woodside.

We fast-forward three months later to find Val burying herself in her work in an attempt to get over Quinn, a very-unhappily-married April cheating on her perfect husband with the gorgeous and charming Mayor (aka Common looking as fine as ever!), and Keisha being blackmailed by a conniving former video vixen turned author from her past (played by Kim Porter). Val meets a cute White guy named Casey who hits on her in her shop, then tries “something different” by inviting him back after-hours for a romp in the dressing room.

Desperately in need of some downtime, the girls hit the spa where we learn through their chitchat that Keisha prefers a dating pool to monogamy. April catches flack from her friends about having the nerve to be a White woman with a good Black man, and still cheating on him. Keisha goes on a date with the very sexy and very rich Malcolm; a jewelry designer to the stars and a major game-player.

The two engage in a lot of verbal cat and mouse. Shelley (Lauren London), Quinn’s new fiance, shows up at Val’s shop. Furious, Val invites Quinn over for closure and they have steamy ex sex. Next up, Val thinks she’s pregnant, Keisha steals from Camron to clear her name, and April almost gets spotted with the mayor while she’s out to dinner with her husband, Daryl. Luckily for Val, she’s not preggo so she tells Shelley that Quinn’s a dirty dog.

The show wraps with the girls out for drinks with Shelly, now the newest member of their circle. Val calls for “a toast to the tequila gods,” and it’s a good thing, because these ladies are no strangers to drama.

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