Boy oh boy was this finale one to be remembered. “Single Ladies” closed its first smash hit season with a bang, and two seriously juicy cliffhangers. We know you want to talk about it, so let’s just get right down to business. Here’s what went down:

Poor Val (Stacey Dash) caught heat from her friends for dumping seemingly perfect Jerry, only to find that when she proposed they makeup and do things his way (aka no ring or kids), he wasn’t up for that either. Our girl was seriously hurt over this one and feeling mighty rejected, so she made the mistake so many heartbroken women do — she ran back to the arms of her ex. Quinn conveniently called to ask Val to dinner the night Jerry told her he couldn’t date her if she still wanted to marry him deep down. Val agreed and things quickly went sour from there. She poured her heart out and a whole lot of champagne and before she knew it she’d taken her ex home for the night. The next morning, she woke up to find Quinn popping one seriously shallow proposal question and Jerry knocking at her door with a change of heart and a ring. (Oh, the drama!) Jerry seemed destroyed when he saw Quinn walking naked from Val’s bedroom, and Val seemed to be royally screwed and disappointed in herself for letting the wrong guy ruin things with the right guy. We don’t know how this one will end when the next season picks up next year, but it’s looking like it won’t be a happy reunion one for Val and Jerry. That’s just too bad! She really seemed to have a good thing in Jerry. Sigh….messing with an ex is never the right move.

Now, on to Keisha’s (LisaRaye McCoy) finale drama. Just when she began to worry that things between her and Malcolm were too good to be true, she found out they were. Malcolm stands her up after promising to celebrate her new real estate deal with her at a lush party, and every time she calls his phone there’s no answer. She arrived back at the house to find the place crawling with FBI agents and still no Malcolm. The lead agent turns out to be the guy Malcolm thought (emphasis on “thought”) was a friend and whom he also paid once to set Keisha up to see if she was a gold digger before they got serious. We know, it’s a lot of drama to keep up with, right? Still with us? Okay, good. Anyway, Keisha refuses to give up any dirt on Malcolm, but the agents have some game-changing news to share with her. They reveal the real reason he divorced his ex wife and show Keisha recent photos of the two of them gallivanting together as a seemingly happy couple clearly up to no good. Now it’s Keisha we’re feeling sorry for this time. It looks like her prince charming has turned out to be more of a knight and shinning jerk. The episode ends before we find out if she’ll change her mind and flip on Malcolm, but it’s certainly not looking good for them. Yikes! Although we totally saw this one coming. Didn’t Malcolm’s brother warn her?

Perhaps the only lady who did get her happy ending tonight was April (Charity Shea). Darryl finally gave up his stone cold divorce tactics and agreed to let her keep her trust money because he felt she truly seemed sorry for what she’d done to him. (Uh, when does that ever happen?) Big move on Darryl’s part, and we must admit, we’re proud. Plus, Reed made sure his new contract included a job for her and the chemistry between them is better than ever. It looks like she will be the only one who’s not a single lady at the start of next season.

What did you think of last night’s finale? Do you think Malcolm was set up? Should Keisha cooperate with police? Do you think Val brought her drama on herself? Let’s discuss!