Tweet blossomed in the early aughts under Missy Elliott’s tutelage, releasing two solid soul albums and at least one undisputed hit, the titillating “Oops (Oh My).”

But after some things in her personal life and career went sour (a two-timing boyfriend, record label drama), she gave up.

#TBT: ‘Oops, Oh My’ Plus Some of Tweet’s Other Hits

“I didn’t want to sing anymore,” the ageless beauty recalls.

She says her problems led to depression. She puffed three packs a day, drank heavily and isolated herself from friends and colleagues. After hearing then gospel star Tonéx’s rendition of “Make Me Over,” she quit those vices cold turkey.

“The song just quenched my spirit.”

Now, a decade later, Tweet, 45, is making a comeback with a new attitude and a new album. Simply titled Charlene (out February 26), which is her first name, the project is a nod to timeless soul. But is she worried about not reaching the top of the charts? Nope: “I just want to put the album out and let God orchestrate it. I’ll be fine.”

Listen to “Magic,” the second song off Tweet’s new album.

This feature was originally published in the January 2016 issue of ESSENCE.