Aspiring Singer Jasmine Holloway Gets Surprised By Broadway Cast Of ‘The Color Purple’
Courtesy of People

During last week’s My Carnegie Moment, an event where Paramount and Carnegie Hall teamed up to give aspiring singers a chance to perform in New York’s most iconic music hall, one singer got the shock of a lifetime when the Broadway cast of The Color Purple stopped by.

Jasmine Holloway was performing the finale to The Color Purple when the cast showed up to give her a little support. Holloway reacted the way anyone would in this situation, with tears of joy and happiness, telling the cast, “I’ve just seen your show, I’ve dreamt of every single one of you.” 

Holloway told PEOPLE that she chose the climatic song from The Color Purple because “it’s just about finally arriving at this moment and taking it all in, and receiving the blessing and the flow that is God or just anything, how we’re all connected,” adding, “I think that’s such an important message, especially today, how we are all connected. We flow through one another. There’s a special lyric in that song that I love – ‘Your heart beat makes my heart beat’ – and that is so true. So that song is just acknowledging the beauty that is within me, and honoring that within everyone, everything on this earth.”

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