Sinbad Fires Shots At Justin Timberlake After Halftime Show Featuring Prince Projection
During Super Bowl LII’s highly anticipated halftime show, Justin Timberlake tried to avoid any and all controversy following his last performance in 2004 with Janet Jackson. However, while he succeeded in avoiding another Nipplegate, he did not succeed with his Prince homage. It was rumored prior to his halftime performance that Timberlake would share the stage with a Prince hologram at some point during the show, however, those rumors were quickly squashed. Instead, viewers were treated to a projection of Prince as Timberlake honored the late singer with a duet. Timberlake sang a rendition of “I Would Die 4 U” along with video, vocals and a fluttering projection featuring Prince and fans were not happy. Actor and comedian Sinbad also had choice words for Timberlake following the performance. In a colorful tweet, he wrote, “Okay punkass justin (sic) Timberlake. You was cool till you pulled that Prince bullshit. You dissed Prince on a track of yours and you dissed him onstage when you lowered the mic stand onstage when prince won an award. Later for ya ass.” The comedian later followed up with his final thoughts on the Super Bowl… While it was a good night for Philadelphia Eagles fans, looks like it wasn’t such a great night for Timberlake.

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