Showrunner Of Gabrielle Union’s New Show Has To Have Leg Removed After Tragic Set Accident
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The showrunner of Gabrielle Union’s upcoming TV series has had to have his leg amputated after a terrible accident on the show’s set last week. According to Deadline, Brandon Sonnier, who is a co-showrunner and executive producer of L.A.’s Finest starring Union and Jessica Alba as LAPD partners, was on set in the video village a cargo crate slammed into the building. The cargo crate fell after a stunt car hit it. Sonnier’s leg was pinned under the rubble, and doctors had to remove it just below the knee when he was taken to the hospital, People reports. His co-showrunner also went to the hospital but was released soon after.
An investigation has been opened to discover what happened. Production on the series has now stopped. Executive produced by Union and Alba, L.A.’s Finest is a spin-off the Bad Boys film franchise. In the show, Union reprises her role as Sydney Burnett, a hard-charging special agent. After leaving her life in Miami behind, Burnett relocates to Los Angeles where she joins the LAPD and teams up with Nancy McKenna (Alba). Though the pair are very different, they work together to take down some of the city’s most dangerous criminals. L.A.’s Finest will premiere on May 13 on Spectrum Originals.


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