Thanks Stacey Dash, now we’ll never know what could have come of that shimmering backless gown you wore to the Oscars.

Stacey Dash Makes Cringe Worthy Cameo at the Oscars

Shonda Rhimes alluded to the fact that she had big plans for the dress via Twitter saying, “Let me be petty: I had goals 4 dress Dash wore and now the gown has to be dead to me.”

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Let me be petty: I had fashion goals 4 dress Dash wore and now the gown has to be dead to me. Yes, #askmemore but #doNOTwastefashiononfool.

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— shonda rhimes (@shondarhimes) February 29, 2016

Goals?! What goals, Shonda?

Could it have been Olivia’s ensemble at the next fancy presidential gala? Or even a part of a grand entrance where Mellie proclaims “I’m better off without you” without having to say a word?

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Now, we’ll never know. However, it is comforting to know that Shonda feels the same way we do about wasting fashion, Stacey Dash’s questionable Oscar appearance and the occasional need for a petty tweet.