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[MUSIC] Coinage, life, well spent. Presented by Geico. [MUSIC] Shonda Rhimes is the queen of television. The producer, screen writer and author is best known as the creator of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and Private Practice. Her production company, Shondaland, also produces fan favorites. How to Get Away With Murder and the Catch. In a recent tell talk, Rhimes says she manages $350 million of ABC's budget to produce her four network shows. Rhimes holds primetime real estate on ABC's Thursday night line up. The network even came up with the cash raise, TGIT, Thank God It's Thursday. Before she became ABC's golden goose, Rhimes wrote and produced quiet a few teen favorites. She wrote Crossroads starring Britney Spears and wrote the screenplay for the Princess Diaries 2, Royal Engagement. Her first big hit, Grey's Anatomy, has been running for 13 seasons. Gladiators around the country tune in to make political thriller Scandal a highly rated favorite. Not only was the show a hit, the clothes are their own phenomenon Kerry Washington and costume designer Lyn Paolo paired with now defunct brand, The Limited, to create the Scandal collection. How to Get Away With Murder kills the competition on Thursday nights with jaw dropping flat lines. Shonda Rhimes is a powerhouse, and with more projects in the works, she shows no signs of slowing down. [MUSIC] Coinage, life well spent. Presented by GEICO.

Shonda Rhimes Hates That People Treat Her Differently After Losing 150 Lbs.

Shonda Rhimes knows she lost lots of weight. But she doesn’t need you to remind her about it.


This article originally appeared on People.

Shonda Rhimes knows she lost lots of weight. But she doesn’t need you to remind her about it.

In her new Shondaland newsletter, the uber-producer behind Grey’s Anatomy andScandal reflects on how her recent weight loss of “closer to 150 lbs” brought unwanted attention from women and men alike.

“Women I barely knew gushed. And I mean GUSHED. Like I was holding-a-new-baby-gushed,” Rhimes wrote. “Only there was no new baby. It was just me. In a dress. With makeup on and my hair all did, yes. But…still the same me. In one of my same dresses (cause why am I gonna buy a NEW dress when I can take this to a seamstress and she can just make it smaller? Who am I, The Crown? No, I’m from the Midwest, baby, and I come with coupons). Women gushed anyway. And men? They spoke to me. THEY SPOKE TO ME. Like stood still and had long conversations with me about things. It was disconcerting. But even more disconcerting was that all these people suddenly felt completely comfortable talking to me about my body. Telling me I looked ‘pretty’ or that they were ‘proud of me’ or that ‘wow, you are so hot now’ or ‘you look amazing!’ ”

Rhimes expresses confusion over how “after I lost weight, I discovered that people found me valuable. Worthy of conversation. A person one could look at. A person one could compliment. A person one could admire.”

“You heard me. I discovered that NOW people saw me as a PERSON,” she wrote. “What the hell did they see me as before? How invisible was I to them then? How hard did they work to avoid me? What words did they use to describe me? What value did they put on my presence at a party, a lunch, a discussion? When I was fat, I wasn’t a PERSON to these people. Like I had been an Invisible Woman who suddenly materialized in front of them. Poof! There I am. Thin and ready for a chat.”

Rhimes goes on to say “being thinner doesn’t make you a different person. It just makes you thinner.”

Rhimes uses her experience to talk about the latest book from Roxane Gay calledHunger: A Memoir of My Body.

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