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Shaunie O’Neal Shares Photo Of ‘Toughest Moment’ After Son Undergoes Surgery

Shaunie O’Neal Shares Photo Of ‘Toughest Moment’ After Son Undergoes Surgery
Shareef O’Neal, the son of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and Basketball Wives producer Shaunie O’Neal, apparently underwent surgery recently to resolve an irregularity with his heart. On Thursday, his mother Shaunie shared a picture of her son preparing to head into the operating room. “This morning was by far my toughest moment being a Mom,” she wrote on Instagram. “If only I could take his place today. Could I at least go with him in that operating room and hold his hand. Separating from him as he was wheeled off to surgery was heartbreaking.”

While Shareef is a grown college student, Shaunie said that no matter how old — or how tall — he gets she will always worry about him. “THATS MY BABY! I don’t care how old, how big, how grown my kids get I still want to protect them,” she said. Surgeries are serious business and undergoing a cardiovascular procedure can be particularly stressful for all those involved. Still, Shaunie’s faith is helping her get through this trying time. “I had no control over any of this. But there is a God, I trust and believe He is in there with my baby right now and has complete control,” she said.

Shaunie and Shareef O’Neal / Instagram

Back in September, Shareef announced that he needed to undergo surgery. After “feeling funny” during practice, the UCLA basketball player consulted with doctors and found out he had a potentially life-threatening condition. That same month Shareef made a promise to his teammates and fans, “I will be back.” He is expected to return to the court next season. We wish him a speedy recovery!