The Reason Why Serena Williams Won’t Be Celebrating Her Daughter’s First Birthday
Serena Williams’ adorable daughter Alexis Olympia turns one on September 1, but her family won’t be recognizing the milestone occasion. “Olympia doesn’t celebrate birthdays, ”she said during a press conference for the U.S. Open, where Williams is currently dominating on the court. “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses so we don’t do that.”
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Williams has been open with the media about her renewed commitment to her religion before. “Being a Jehovah’s Witness is important to me,” Williams told Vogue for their February issue, “but I’ve never really practiced it and have been wanting to get into it.” Referring to her husband of a year, the tennis superstar added, “Alexis didn’t grow up going to any church, but he’s really receptive and even takes the lead. He puts my needs first.” Birthdays aren’t the only festivities Jehovah’s Witnesses. They also choose not to participate in Christmas, Easter, and other widely acknowledged international holidays due to their religious beliefs. But because baby Alexis Olympia won’t be developing birthday traditions doesn’t mean she won’t have a charmed childhood. With a tennis superstar and a tech giant for doting parents we think she’ll be just fine.


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