Serena Williams Facing Body-Shaming With Nike Outfit At Wimbledon
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Serena Williams is one win away from her 22nd Grand Slam, tying Steffi Graf’s record. Therefore, this Saturday’s Wimbledon Final should be all anyone is talking about, but instead Serena’s on the receiving end of some pretty ugly body-shaming stir on Twitter.

Williams, the 34-year-old US dominator in women’s tennis, is no stranger to having her body being a subject of conversation, and often it is negative. This time around it is her all-white Nike dress with a halter turtleneck and flared pleated skirt that is the object of criticism.

Many are touting that the dress is too tight and revealing and calling her nipples distracting. One tweeter claimed, “Serena Williams nipples are literally in HD like can u put them away I’m trying to watch the match.”  Even professional golfer Georgie Bingham had something to say. “My point about Serena Williams is she just took that girl to pieces & everyone’s talking about her nipples. A proper bra isn’t hard to find.”

Many did not take kindly to the ridicule. In response to Bingham, one person tweeted, “typical..Serena dismantles her opponent but everyone including you wants to talk about her nipples. Absolute joke!” Another tweeted, “Andy Murray’s nipples were visible under his shirt yesterday. Where’s the uproar about that?”

It just seems to me that one of the most influential tennis players this country has ever seen happens to be a black woman and some just cannot stand it. We are here for you Serena and we love your outfits! 


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