Serena Williams Believes She Is Being Unfairly Targeted With Excessive Drug Testing: ‘I’m The One Getting Tested The Most’
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Serena Williams shard a series of tweets in which she said she as a victim of “discrimination” after recently finding out that she’s the most drug tested tennis player in America.

The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion took to social media to air her thoughts on Tuesday.

“..And it’s that time of the day to get “randomly” drug tested and only test Serena,” she tweeted. “Out of all the players it’s been proven I’m the one getting tested the most. Discrimination? I think so. At least I’ll be keeping the sport clean.”

She added: “But I’m ready to do whatever it takes to have a clean sport so bring it on. I’m excited.”

The champion told journalists at a press conference earlier this month that she did not realize that she was being unfairly targeted by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) until a recent Deadspin article that detailed a recent obtrusive incident in which Williams was paid an unannounced visit by an anti-doping agent.

“I never knew that I was tested so much more than everyone else,” she said. “Until I read that article, I didn’t realize it was such a discrepancy with me as well as against the other players that they listed, at least the American players—both male and female.”

“It would be impossible for me to not feel some kind of way about that,” she added. “I just found it quite interesting.”

According to ESPN, Williams is required to let USADA know her whereabouts for a one-hour period of her choosing every day. But testers have the right to also make unannounced visits outside the one-hour window.

Deadspin’s report revealed Williams has been tested five times this year ― more than double the number of tests for other top American women’s tennis players.
“Over her 23-year career in tennis, Serena Williams has never tested positive for any illegal substance despite being tested significantly more than other professional tennis players, both male and female,” a spokeswoman for Williams told Deadspin. “In fact, four times more frequently than her peers.”