Serena Williams is training up a child to head towards the tennis court. 

The 23-time grand slam champion posted a slideshow of her and her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., ready to take on any doubles challengers. She wrote “Caption this,” beneath the slideshow to spark the imagination of her followers before encouraging them to swipe right so they could see the entire scene. 

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Caption this (MUST SWIPE RIGHT)

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Williams and her mini-me sported matching purple bodysuits and identical stances. The bodysuits were reminiscent of the banned catsuit Williams wore to French Open to help improve her circulation after she suffered complications from giving birth to Ohanian. 

The two started out prepared, before leaping into the air in celebration during their game and finally sealing their success with a hi-five.

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Caption this

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As they head away from the court, the toddler drops her racket after a job well done. Mommy was happy to retrieve it.  

William’s sister and Ohanian’s aunt, professional tennis player Venus Williams, commented, “I just love her and you too much! If this gets any cuter I will NOT LIVE!”

According to CNN, Williams and her fellow professional athletes are being asked to return to the tennis circuit in August, but her coach Patrick Mouratoglou said it is unlikely she will hit the court without her family at her side. 

We can’t blame her for not wanting to leave the world’s cutest doubles partner behind.


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