‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘Heavy Is the Head’
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Season five of Scandal kicked off with a steamy love scene between Olivia and Fitz. But it’s Olitz so once the post coital glow was gone, they were back to beefing. Fitz wants to divorce Mellie and Olivia doesn’t want to become a spectacle the way Princess Emily did before and after death. But does that mean Olivia wants to keep lying to Abby and herself and remain a side chick? That’s crazy talk. Scandal fans thought so too Thursday night.   But in the end, Sally blew up Fitz and Olivia’s spot and told the world that Olivia is Fitz’s sidepiece complete with pictures so so much for not becoming a spectacle. Dang.   AND:   Other highlights included all the hilariously brilliant tweets about Mellie’s low-budget wig, the stank look Abby gave Olivia when she saw her booed up with Fitz, and Olivia’s walk-off line when she brought down that princess-murdering Queen. “Not all fairytales have happy endings but evil queens? They tend to go down.” But back to that wig:     Low points included Huck asking Olivia to fix him, Olivia and Fitz arguing in front of Lizzy Bear and David, Olivia lying to Abby and having Cyrus relegated to one scene. One scene. The good news is Scandal is back and after years of wondering if Olitz could ever be together and what kind of wrath they’d incur if they tried, we are finally getting our answer. What did you think of the season-five premiere “Heavy Is the Head”? Weigh in below.