Say It With Your Chest! Kevin Hart’s 7 Most Memorable Catchphrases

Kevin Hart gave Essence Fest 2015 its hottest catchphrase with an infectiously funny and brilliant joke that included the phrase “really” and “black woman face.”

Pump your brakes. Don’t get offended. When you hear the whole thing, you’ll laugh as hard as the folks in the Superdome when Hart and his What Now Tour rolled through.

And from that moment on, everywhere you went in New Orleans black women and men who were lucky enough to have caught Hart’s What Now show Thursday night at the Superdome were saying “Really?” in response to just about everything. Willie Mae’s Scotch House was supposed to be open until 5 p.m. Saturday but closed at 3 p.m.? Really? The cab drivers were driving people way out of the way to get to anything to run up fares and even Uber was pricey at peak times. Really? Café Du Monde is cash only? Really? Yes, really to the latter but those beignets, though.

In honor of Hart—who turned 35 on Friday—and the word of the weekend he gave us, here are seven other timeless catchphrases the hilarious father of two has added to the vernacular over the years. WARNING: These clips contain strong language.

“Nooo. She wasn’t ready,” Laugh At My Pain (2011) – The best part about this joke his Hart’s voice. It doesn’t work unless you say like he does. 

“You gone learn today” and “Alright, Alright, Alright” Laugh At My Pain (2011) – Two more gems came from Laugh At My Pain and both were courtesy of Hart’s dad when he was on drugs. As an added bonus, this clip includes a glimpse of Taraji P. Henson in the audience laughing out loud. Alright, alright, alright indeed. 

“Somebody had to go,” Seriously Funny (2010) – Hart’s daughter is no joke when it comes to the space on her bunk bed – which is also a castle.

“Say it with your chest” Seriously Funny (2010) – When Hart’s uncle got out of prison, his turns of phrase were comedy gold. Now, say that with your chest. 

“The way my bank account is set up” Laugh At My Pain (2011) – Hart’s explanation on why you can’t hang out with people who make more money than you is priceless.

“Bum bump” and “Get fire” Let Me Explain (2013) – The comedian’s phobia of homeless men’s fingers is silly but relatable. He also added some pyrotechnics to his act for Let Me Explain and that inspired a catchphrase, too.


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