Salt-N-Pepa has gifted us with music that we continue to love and appreciate today, but we can’t talk about the iconic hip-hop group without mentioning their mark on style.

When we think of Salt-N-Pepa, the first thing that comes to mind may be the groups iconic “Push It” jackets, but the truth is their impact on fashion is far reaching.

Not only did the group push the envelope lyrically in a male-dominated industry, they used style to express their strength and femininity. Through their style, their message was direct and clear, with no confusion about what they were about, what they stood for and who they were.

From hard-hitting, “borrowed from the boys” looks to soft and sultry moments that helped to play up pearl-clutching lyrics, they had it all.

Pioneers for women who weren’t afraid to be loud and to ultimately be heard, they proved that a love for hip-hop and being a woman was not mutually exclusive.

Every aspect of their style is steeped in hip-hop history, including the famous “Push It” jackets designed by Christopher “Play” Martin of Kid ’N Play and created in the one-and-only Dapper Dan’s Harlem studio.

Salt-N-Pepa taught us to do, dress and say what we want boldly and unapologetically – and for that we say thank you.

Happy birthday, Salt!