Romeo Miller’s Heartfelt Note To His Mother Is Proof Love Prevails
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Romeo Miller is reaching out to his mom in a heartfelt note recently posted to Instagram.

Since Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller began their divorce proceedings, things have been increasingly tough for their son Romeo, who’s caught in the middle. Earlier this year, Miller filed a lawsuit against Romeo, her own son, claiming his father was attempting to hide money for their divorce settlement. 

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Despite the lawsuit, Romeo says he has no hard feelings against his mom, writing back in April, “I was in court all morning due to my mother’s greedy lawyers (fyi although I’m being sued by my mom I still love her more than anything on this planet).”

And yesterday, he took to Instagram again to share a message to his mother, expressing just how much he misses her.

“Being with my mother on Christmas is true happiness. All I’ve prayed for this year is to get my mother back!

I won’t publicly write on this again (or get into details), but I felt in my heart that someway, somehow, that this message may work a miracle. I just want you to get help, before it’s too late! I wanna have kids one day and I want them to know their amazing grandmother. We all are fighting a battle mama, I need you to become David and defeat Goliath!”

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