Robin Roberts Says Forever First Lady Michelle Obama Was Her Favorite Interview Of 2018

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"She’s just something so special," Roberts said on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show".
Keyaira Boone Jan, 15, 2019

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts not surprisingly named Michelle Obama her favorite interview of 2018.

Roberts stopped by Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she described that monumental interview with our forever first lady in great detail.

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“We spent the day together in Chicago, went back to her old house, her old high school,” she recalled.

Roberts said it was a delight “to see her light up when she’s around young people” and while they were at Obama’s former high school in Chicago, she even stopped into an “old dance class she had been in, and there was a poster of her when she was a dancer there.”

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“She’s just something so special,” Roberts said of Obama.

In addition to reflecting on her professional accomplishments, Roberts also shared her mantra for 2019.

“My life is serene in 2019,” she stated. “It’s a state of mind and I’m eternally optimistic…optimism is a muscle that gets stronger with use.”