<p>Future Fashionista: Riley Curry Styles Her Mother Head-To-Toe In Adorable Snapchats</p>

The four-year-old could have a career in styling at this rate. 


Riley Curry is still out here being an amazing bundle of joy.

The four-year-old has always been quite stylish, but recently, she put her love of fashion into practice by styling her mother.

In a series of Snapchat videos, Riley’s mother Ayesha Curry, showed Riley doing her makeup and laying out an outfit for her to wear. She also made sure the final look was put together by tucking in her mother’s shirt, like a true stylist.

“She’s going to change her clothes, after I do her makeup. Because it’s for her real photo shoot,” Riley says. “I’m tucking in your shirt for your cooking show.” 

The final look had the NBA wife in leopard-print flats, a multi-colored Tory Burch skirt and striped shirt.

The Currys welcomed their second child, Ryan Carson in July 2015. While she’s absolutely adorable as well, she’s yet to be booked for styling jobs like her sister.