RiRi’s New Fragrance is Sweet and Self-Titled

All-around bad gal/it gal, Rihanna, is set to release a new fragrance later this year. If you’re following her feed, you’re sure to have seen her latest pink and pearl-clad post from yesterday advertising her playful new scent, RiRi. With a fragrance portfolio that boasts heavier, more sensuous and cold-weather-friendly notes like musk, amber and patchouli, we’re excited about this new, lighter scent journey from the BBHMM star.

According to the brand’s announcement, RiRi’s self-titled fragrance is due to release in September and is sure to be on the sweeter side with notes of sparkling cassis, exotic jasmine, and Japanese honeysuckle just to name a few. We haven’t smelled it yet, but if the old adage rings true and a picture really is worth a thousand words, then from the looks of this gorgeous campaign, the fragrance is sure to be a equal parts glamorous, flirty and fun, with a hint of scandal and mystery; because, let’s face it— it wouldn’t be RiRi if it didn’t have a little sass! 

RiRi eau de parfum will be available in September at Macy’s and Macy’s.com.

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