The Caribbean queen might enjoy ocean-side fun, but she's not a fan of sea creatures. She told Blender Magazine, "I’m super-scared of sea creatures. Even tiny fish. One time I was in the water — and the water in Barbados is so clear you can see your feet — I saw all these tiny fish swimming around my feet, and I had a panic attack. I just froze. This man had to lift me out of the water."

Paul Marotta
See Rihanna's Off-the-Charts Style!

The star accepted the Humanitarian of the Year award from Harvard University for her work to improve cancer treatment in Barbados.

Ruthie Friedlander
Mar, 01, 2017

Yesterday, Rihanna the Great was given the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Harvard Foundation for setting up a scholarship program to bring Caribbean students to study in America and for her work to improve cancer treatment in her hometown of Barbados. Talk about winning.

And listen, we certainly don't want to take any attention away from the amazingness of this huge honor. But we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about what she was wearing.

One word: Monse.

If you don't know Monse, stop reading this immediately and educate yourself. (First thing to know: They showed WITH Oscar de la Renta this season.)

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Rihanna's been a supporter of the young brand since the beginning for its asymmetrical, standout pieces that scream: I AM FASH-ON! And yesterday's look was no exception.

She arrived to Harvard in a full gray ensemble, get this, STRAIGHT OFF THE RUNWAY. Like, from the show less than a month ago. That my friends? WINNING.

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