Rihanna Gleams in Green for New MAC Viva Glam Ad

The new MAC campaign didn’t just introduce Viva Glam Rihanna II to the world, but it also showed us RiRi in an all new hue: a fierce, glowing green. Showing off both a neon green wig and sexy green two-piece leather outfit, the songstress’ “fearless, confident style” was totally on display. 

This isn’t the first time that Rihanna has stepped outside of the traditional color box. The Bajan singer is known for switching up her hair game, as often as we change our socks. Remember when she was spotted with the little pink pixie-cut wig? Or when she attended the award show wearing bantu knots? Or even when she fooled everyone by donning a doobie wrap? These are just a few of badgirlriri’s many different ‘dos. And even though they don’t all work, we praise her for being bold enough to try them. What do you think about her green tresses?

Check out some of Rihanna’s best looks from last year and pick your favorite—we especially like January’s cropped cut!