12 Essential Gifts For The Bad Gal Who Wants To Live Like Rihanna

Sydney Scott Nov, 16, 2017

Rihanna is on another level and so are her fans. 

Got a Navy member on your holiday list? These gifts are great for fans striving to live as carefree as RiRi.

From the perfect wine glass for casual strolls to the perfect notebook for your wild, wild thoughts, here are a few gift ideas for the Rihanna fan in your life. 

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Live Nation

Look good and give back with this cute crew neck. All profits go to RiRi's Clara Lionel Foundation. 

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Rockabye Baby Music

Prepare the next generation of Rihanna fans with this essential album of Rihanna lullabies. 

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Herb Essentials

Got a Navy member in your life who doesn't partake, but wants to unwind like their fave celeb? This cannabis infused candle includes notes of citrus and bergamot. RiRi fans will love it. 

available at Herb Essentials $65.00 Unwind

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And, while you're setting the mood for an evening of relaxed, casual luxury, slide your feet into these fluffy slippers. 

available at Puma $90.00 Get Comfy!

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Sassy Celebs

Sip the tears of the men who've wronged you with this customizable mug.

available at Sassy Celebs $18.00 Drink Up

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Live Nation

This poster is a work of art, don't @ me.

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Lee Rick Collective

Carry a little piece of Ri with you wherever you go with this adorable pin.

available at Lee Rick Collective $12.00 Pin It

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Saint Rihanna will answer all of our prayers. 

available at Illuminidol $15.00 Say A Prayer

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Fenty Beauty

Shine bright like Queen Ri.

available at Fenty Beauty $34.00 Shine Bright

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K. Tolliver Design

B---h betta have ya money! And, once you get your money, store it in this custom designed Rihanna iPhone wallet. 

available at Redbubble $36.46 Upgrade Your Phone

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Q Made It

Store your wildest thoughts in one of these cute handmade notebooks.

available at Q Made It $10.00 Write It Down

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Paksh Novelty

Follow RiRi's lead and carry a wine glass at all times because it's always wine o'clock somewhere. 

available at Amazon $19.95 Pour It Up