Reginae Carter Wants This 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta' Co-Star To Put Respect On Her Father's Name

The daughter of rapper Lil Wayne is not here for the slander.

The cast of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta is already at odds.

In a clip posted to The Shade Room, Brandon Barnes — son of music manager Debra Antney — and Reginae Carter are exchanging words. And it ain’t pretty.

“Brandon, who have you worked with before besides Zonnique?” Carter asks while walking out of a room filled with camera crew. “Somebody who could have possibly helped your father’s career,” he responds.

To which Carter says, “My father’s career? Oh, he’s disrespectful. I don’t want to be on the show with him no more. Naw. For real. I’m going to tell my momma about this too, because he wants this. He needs this.”

Adding, “Because you’re a nobody. You’re a liar. You don’t work with Rihanna. You don’t work with nobody. You’re a liar. I will call Rih right now.”


But from another clip, it appears this isn’t the first time Barnes has brought Carter’s Grammy award-winning father into the conversation to make her feel bad. We’ll be tuning in to see how this ends. 

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Wayne and I, we have a really good relationship. It took us a minute to get to this point. Mm-hm. But I'm happy that we are here. Right. When my brothers passed, he jumped on a jet he came immediately. Wow. Like when things are going wrong with him, I'm always there because Before anything. Before the fame, money, anything. I'm his friend. And I've been in his life since we were like 13 years old. Before- That's crazy. [CROSSTALK] You go way back. Yeah. Yeah. So I was like, that's what people don't understand. Yeah. It's bigger than us being together. Right. Like, we I look at him like family, and I always have his back and I always go to back because I'm like a real loyal person. That's just who I am and that's the way I was raised. That's my daughters father and that's my friend. Mm-hm. So, that's just the relationship we have and people be like, well, you guys, are y'all gonna get back together or are y'all dating? Is that your little Secret lover and I'm like. That must have been uncomfortable too to be in another marriage [LAUGH] And have people always saying, are you and Wayne getting back together? Yeah, all the time. Cuz we see that, Christina and were talking about it. Yes. We see that all the time. Yes, all the time. And you've both moved on. And that's gotta be its own [CROSSTALK] I couldn't imagine I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the love is still there. That's for sure. But, We have another question to come in, it's crazy because we were just talking about this. Melony Bellanger and a couple other people are asking, as we said, are you ever gonna reunite with Wayne- Here we go. [LAUGH] I would toy over your life but I guess you really take a step message straight for them, like you di in the book. I will say this. You never know what Future holds. But as of today, the soon to be 33 year old Toya, not in the near future, but maybe later on in life as we get older. But I just feel like he has some growing to do. And he's a great guy Wayne is a great guy and I can't take that from him but, not right now. So what is love right now in Toya's life? Love right now, I'm just, I'm dating. But I mean... One step at a time. Yeah, one step at a time. [BLANK_AUDIO]