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The Hilarious Reason Why Regina Hall Rushed Her Mother To The Hospital

The "Little" star said she couldn't stop cracking up once she realized what happened.
Even when things could be serious, Regina Hall can find the funny. During an appearance on of Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week, the Little star told a hilarious tale about a dead dog, medical marijuana and her mother ending up in the emergency room. The ESSENCE magazine cover girl revealed that her mother ate too much weed, which she was using to treat her ailing dog Zeus, who recently died of cancer.
“The good stuff, you don’t want to throw away,” Hall confessed to Kimmel. When her mom visited her while still grieving the loss, Hall shared some of the gel-like substance on a cracker with her mom to help her mom’s arthritis. “I said you need to learn to do this yourself because if you’re going to keep using it; I think that’s too much,” she warned after her mother insisted that the little bit she was getting “barely does enough.”
Later that night after watching Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hall said she noticed that her mother’s speech was slurred and that her mouth was not moving properly. Panicked by the thought that she could be having a stroke, the Girls Trip star said she called 911 and rushed her mother to the hospital. While at the hospital, Hall debated whether she should tell the doctor about their weed ingestion. She called a friend to seek comfort. “My friend was doing a prayer and we were downstairs and she said ‘Did you take your stuff?’ and I said ‘Yeah.’ And she was like ‘I think you b**ches are high,’” Hall recalled. Hall made the revelation to her mom and said the two cracked up about it. After running a few blood tests and an MRI, the doctors said the test showed nothing. She eventually told the doctor about the dog and the medical marijuana. The doctor was not amused, Hall said. The late night talk show host asked if there was a lesson learned? “Well, we learned when her mouth gets like that, she’s just high, she’s not having a stroke. No need to worry,” Hall laughed.