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Regina Hall And Issa Rae Just Joined In On The Hilarious, And Raunchy, 'For The D' Challenge

In addition to dominating the week with her No. 1 hit song “Bodak Yellow”, Cardi B has joined in on a social media challenge that’s caught on like wildfire. Explicitly titled the #ForTheD-ckChallenge, participants do a freestyle of things they’re willing to risk for good sex. “I kidnap myself for that d-ck,” Cardi B raps. “Make my person pay the ransom for that d-ck. I’ll got to trial for the d-ck, I ain’t no snitch but, Motherf–ker it was him’, for that d-ck.” Momentum for the challenge came from Erykah Badu who was the first celebrity to take it on, months after it was created by New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy in April. In her video, the “Tyrone” singer and Michael Blackson do the challenge with a hanging mic. “Let them call me a h-e for the d-ck. Baby daddy No. 4 for the d-ck… F-ck woke, I’m dead for the d-ck.”   Blackson did the other rendition of the challenge, rapping about what he’d do for a woman. “Not smart for that pu–y. Cheat on my wife, Kevin Hart for that pu–y. Eat pork for that pu–y. Skip court for that pu–y.” Following Badu’s footsteps, Issa Rae and Regina Hall jumped in on the challenge with hilarious verses as well— talking about everything from HBO deals to Girls Trip. “I go hard for the d-ck. Drop my black card for that d-ck,” Hall begins. “I put my lips on the d-ck. F-ck a girls trip for that d-ck.” Hall and Rae are currently filming The Hate U Give with Amandla Stenberg and Common.