Episode Three

Last night’s episode of ‘Reed Between the Lines’ was all about (mis)understanding.

Carla tries to help Helen, who has already enlisted phone psychics, make sense of her dream about (this month’s Essence cover man) Idris Elba. Helen, of course, is not happy with a clinical analysis and prefers interpretations that cost $3 a minute.

The biggest storyline of this episode centered on Ron Artest who plays a…you guessed it, professional basketball player. (And he’s actually not a bad actor) His character is forced to see Dr. Reed for anger management. She drops some gems (this show provides some real therapy and for less money than an office visit) about his displaced anger and victim role. Her advice: Smile more.

Artest takes the doc’s suggestions but ultimately plays too nice. His new attitude affects his game and he credits his new style to Dr. Reed. Now everyone is mad at her, and her family. Fans blame her for Artest’s new losing formula but after another visit, she gets to the real issue behind his behavior and forces him to take ownership for all his decisions. He agrees and they all live happily ever after until the next episode.

Episode Four

Tonight was a great lesson in love, hair and faith, a must-see TV moment for Black women and their daughters. It all starts when Kaci and Keenan audition for the high school play. Keenan lands the stage manager role and is excited because the position is one of power and girls like men in power. (Touché!) Kaci secures the lead as Queen of the Elves but is forced to wear a long and matted wig.

Apparently a queen’s hair is always flowing and luxurious. Hating the look of the wig, she decides to just straighten her own curly do. She resents having to do this; she’s convinced her natural curls are pretty enough. That is until Blake, her crush, compliments her on her new look. (He even says she reminds him of Beyonce!) Suddenly she’s in love with her straight hair and even contemplates getting a relaxer. (Poor girl had a glob of petroleum jelly on her forehead prepping the relaxer ceremony) Carla, really concerned about Kaci’s decision, talks it over with Alex and decides it time to have that “other” important talk mothers have with daughters.

It’s a moving dialogue about self love and messages black women receive about their hair. But to really bring home the point, Carla and Alex wait until Blake comes over to stage a performance. Carla pretends to be a Stepford wife, dusting, cooking and totally catering to her man. She downplays her accomplishments and career and focuses solely on Alex and his needs. Kaci grows angry at the antics but realizes she should never have to change for a man. The next day Blake confirms this affirmation with an “I always liked you.”

Meanwhile at the office, Helen attends church with her boyfriend and begins to “bible beat” everyone and even criticizes Garnella for trying to do what only what Jesus can. Garnella explains that the mind, body and spirit all work together. Garnella’s proof: Helen’s pastor is her client.