A husband, Alex, and wife, Carla, (played by Tracee Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner respectively) trying to stay afloat in matters of love, children and work.

Last night’s premiere opens with The Reeds preparing for dinner. In between a flirty and fun role playing session, their teen twins Keenan and Kaci (from Carla’s previous relationship) fuss about who was born first and Kaci’s new love interest, Dillon, who apparently has dimples and smells like cotton candy. Later in the episode, a slightly obnoxious Dillon joins the family for dinner.

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When Dillon’s mother Dominique (played by Robin Givens) comes to pick him up, Carla discovers that she already knows her. And her secrets. Dominique is a sex addict that she recently treated at her office. (We also meet Helen and Garnella, Carla’s sassy receptionist and suite mate that day) And now she’s at the door asking Alex if he’ll be chaperoning a school trip that she’ll be attending the next day. Carla, intimidated and protective of her hubby, decides she will attend the trip instead. Alex, who is a stay at home English professor, shows up to the museum anyway, but is rushed out by his wife when she senses Dominique’s advances. Later that night, another game of role playing takes place as Carla, armed with lingerie and stilettos, tries to seduce her husband.

She confesses that she’s scared he will one day lose interest and so she wants to be sexier for him. Alex assures his wife that he’s not interested in Dominique (or any other woman for that matter) and he loves her just the way she is… Billy Joel style. And then in typical Cosby Show fashion, the kids rush the bed.

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Episode 2:

The good doctors are excited that the kids are out for the night. Alexis, the seven year old “baby,” is headed to her first sleep over and the fraternal twins, Keenan and Kaci are off to a party. After a candle lit dinner, the couple is ready for dessert…the kind that’s served upstairs. But the evening is cut short when Alexis is brought home early. It turns out that she threw a tantrum and was mean to the other children. The neighbor insinuates that Alexis might have a behavioral problem.

Carla, the trained psychologist, initially disagrees of course but later reconsiders the notion. After a confession from Alex who admits to spoiling his daughter, and Alexis, who admitted to acting out because she couldn’t get her way, the family decides to stop catering to her. It takes some time (and fake tears) but in the end Alexis grows to be more independent. She even prepares her own bowl of cereal. Yup, real big girl stuff.