Reality star and producer, Lyric McHenry, was found dead early Tuesday in the Bronx. New York Daily News reports that the 26-year-old Stanford University graduate was found sprawled out on the sidewalk with no pants on and in possession of cocaine. Police say McHenry had on a pajama top and underwear and that her knees were bruised, but there were no other visible injuries. McHenry was also 20 weeks pregnant.

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McHenry had worked on former president Barack Obama’s campaign at just 15, before moving on to work with close friend, EJ Johnson, as a producer on E!’s EJNYC and as an associate producer for Complex Networks. She likely picked up her creative talent from father, Doug McHenry, who produced New Jack City in 1991 and directed Jason’s Lyric in 1994.
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Maya Humes, a friend of McHenry’s who attended Stanford with her, spoke fondly of her former classmate following the news of her passing. “She was so smart and one of the most caring friends you can imagine,” Humes told NYDN. “She was just always the person to pick up the phone and check in. She never hesitated to FaceTime you and always, always wanted to put other people first, asking them questions about themselves, learning about them, making people feel loved.” Circumstances surrounding McHenry’s death are currently under investigation.

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