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'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Star Charisse Jackson Jordan On Her Pending Divorce And Her Fresh Start

‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Star Charisse Jackson Jordan On Her Pending Divorce And Her Fresh Start
Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty Images

Ending a marriage, amicably or otherwise, is tough. Having a marriage dissolve in the public eye is even harder. Real Housewives of Potomac star Charrisse Jackson Jordan would agree.

The reality star and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Eddie Jordan, are still in the process of ending their 20-year-marriage and it hasn’t been an easy adjustment for Jordan. 

The Jordans wed in 1997 and their marriage was chronicled during season 1 of the Bravo series. Utimately, the Charlotte Hornets assistant coach decided he wanted a divorce. While the decision was heartbreaking, fans could see that their marriage had become rocky. Some time has passed now and Jordan is moving forward with the divorce and moving on to a place of healing.

“Our divorce is in process,” says Jordan. “I should be divorced by sometime in December if all goes according to documents.

Jordan opened up to ESSENCE about her divorce journey and her new normal since ending her marriage. She’s feeling positive and optimistic about 2018.

“There are points where you feel like you’ve gotten past all of the difficulty,” Jordan admitted. “And then there are other days you wake up, and not so much.”

Jordan says ending their relationship has pushed her into a totally different realm of her own independence. 

“I’m trying to incorporate meditating and just having positive vibes,” says Jordan. “If it’s not positive, I don’t want to be bothered.”

During this challenging time in her life, Jordan said it’s her girlfriends who have been the ones to keep her feeling uplifted and staying focused on her two children–Skylar and Jackson–remains most important to her. The hard part is almost over.

“I don’t really talk a lot [to the kids] about the divorce per say,” says Jordan. “I mean, they know we’re getting a divorce, but I try to be positive. I still know that even though I’m going through it, it’s also a transition for them as well. I want them to have positive feelings about their father, so I try to say great things about him to the children. I don’t really talk about him much to anybody.”

As for what the years ahead hold for Jordan, she admits that she’s open to dating again and she wouldn’t mind walking down the aisle again.

“I’m open to dating,” Jordan reveals. “I’m hoping to really find the person to spend real quality time with in the near future. I love being a wife. The chances of finding someone to marry might be difficult, but I would love it. I would love to be in a relationship where I could get to that stage of falling in love and getting married again. I think it’s beautiful.”

Beautiful, indeed.