“You done lost your damn mind, and when you get your damn mind, you call me,” said NeNe Leakes, showing her son Bryson a little tough love on week two of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Besides this week’s episode turning into the “NeNe Leakes Show” (and we’re not complaining), we got to meet model Cynthia Bailey and witness Kandi taking her new album to new heights. Here are our favorite moments from last night…
  • During a studio session with Ne_Yo, Kandi admits to she could have split the $80-$100K profits for “Tardy for the Party” with Kim, but she opted to just “give” her the song. Was this not a classic case of Southern hospitality laid on way too thick?
  • “I’m a White girl in a Black girl’s body. I can’t dance,” said Sheree. Luckily, her blind date with a psychiatrist, who brings her a suspiciously cheap-looking bouquet of flowers, doesn’t go so bad when he teaches her how to dance. Now slide, slide, you can do it Sheree.
  • Oh my, we’ve never seen so much raw emotion from NeNe. And who can blame her? Her marriage is falling apart and her son is on a wayward path. During a tear-filled session, NeNe gives Brice a 90-day mandate to shape up or ship out.
  • A standoff between Team Dwight and Team NeNe at the Uptown club was filled with the high school cattiness we’ve come to love about reality TV. Phaedra, by now the certified queen of notable quotables, calls the NeNe and crew a bunch of “crazy heifers” waiting to attack Dwight. Clutch the pearls!
  • Dwight and NeNe finally hash out their issues, and we must say, we loved seeing NeNe getting her grown woman on and apologizing. The fiercest tag team in the “Housewives” franchise is back on track. Now this we like.
  • The ladies are more than surprised to hear Phaedra’s husband did a stint in prison. “Y’all didn’t know that?” asked Lawrence, looking slightly perplexed. Um, apparently not.
  • Kim is invited to perform at the “White Party,” the biggest gay party in the world, to sing “Tardy for the Party.”
  • Cynthia Bailey, who brings touch of New York glam to the “Housewives,” admits she’s been engaged three times and is a little anxious since her fianc, Peter Thomas, is giving her an ultimatum.
  • Phaedra has already billed herself as a celebrity lawyer, so it was a bit of an anti-climax when an unknown client came in to talk about a marijuana charge. “Phaedra claims to be this big-time entertainment attorney. But excuse me. Bobby Brown was ten years ago!” said tell-it-like-it-is NeNe.
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