Loyalty was the name of the game on this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” NeNe hints at infidelity on Gregg’s part, Kim seems annoyed that Kandi is working with Lawrence, and Kandi is irritated by the fact that Kim is doubting her abilities as an artist (“Raise your hand if you’ve ever won a Grammy” she says snarkily). There’s even a cameo by former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson, who was kicked out of the group unceremoniously. Who can a girl really trust? Find out what other moments from Hotlanta’s finest had us glued to our TV’s last night. Best “Oh no she didn’t” Moment “I have a good ear for music,” Kim Zolciak tells Kandi before proceeding to break down why she doesn’t like the song “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.” “As an artist, I can’t do a song I don’t love.” Um, artist? Of course, of course, these days singing on two auto-tuned songs (“Tardy for the Part” and “Google Me”) qualifies you as an artist. You gotta love Kim for her quirks. Worst Moment of “TMI” (Too Much Information) NeNe invites Cynthia and Peter over for dinner, but fails to tell them they’re in for a couple’s counseling session. By now the tension between NeNe and Gregg is visible to everyone, including Bravo cameras. The more sips of wine NeNe imbibes, the more she wants to talk about her marital problems, never mind that Gregg would rather not. She even goes as far as saying, “I’m going to divorce Gregg.” Knowing how Cynthia is already scared to bits of marriage, did NeNe really think she was the best person to discuss her marital woes with? Talk about being a Debbie downer. NeNe told us she was going to keep it real but we didn’t expect this much. Can Bravo just give Nene her own show already? Best “Girl, Stop It” Moment This week we’re back to Phaedra and her mysterious due date. During a stop over during Kim’s garage sale, Phaedra tells the girls that her baby is already eight pounds and that she’s going to be induced even though she’s only seven months pregnant. As Kim would say, “Shut the Front Door!” Really? Does Phaedra think telling three women who’ve had seven children between them that getting induced at 7 months is normal? Something in the milk isn’t right about this. Not one bit. Best Surprise, Surprise! Now we knew Sheree’s hairstylist Lawrence had more than pumps and lip gloss in his bag of tricks, but a classically trained voice we just didn’t expect. Kandi reveals a song she penned for him, appropriately titled “Closet Freak” and says she wants to turn him into the next RuPaul. We’ll bet a pair of Lawrence’s own five inch platforms this one’s going to be a Hotlanta club banger. Two snaps! Best “Soft and Pink” Moment Phaedra shows her softer side while listening to ex-Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson’s devastating story of being booted from the group and turning to alcohol. It looks like Phaedra is plotting a comeback and for Latavia. Nothing like a little sweet revenge, right Phaedra?

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