Beef curtains, pickles, dildos, oral sex — could this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” be any more risque? Sidebar: if you don’t know what a beef curtain is, we’ll give you a hint: it has to do with this week’s “RHoA” most overly used catchphrase, vajayjay. Between Phaedra sticking pickles in her mouth during a photo shoot to Kandi talking about sticking sugar into her privates, this turned out to be the stickiest episode of the season. Find out what other moments left us clutching our pearls from this week’s foray into the (sex) lives of these ATL belles… Worst Attempts at Sexy: Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad invites Sheree over for dinner and bakes her cookies. After deciding that Sheree needed to lick the cookie dough off his finger, Dr. Tiy-E screams “Miracle on 24th Street!” Well, if it turns you on, doctor. The rest of us found it a little nasty, and as Miss Patti LaBelle noted during “Watch What Happens Now” — were his hands clean? Creepiest Photo Shoot: We’ve seen our share of awkward pregnancy photos, but the “pickle” shoot with Phaedra and Apollo took the tacky cake. “Pregnancy photos are so artistic and beautiful,” purred Phaedra, but we have to say there was little artistic about her and Apollo chewing on that pickle. The visuals, y’all. Most Real Display of Single Mother Frustration: Kandi and her mother Joyce spent some time discussing perpetuating the deadbeat dad cycle in their family. It turns out Joyce was also a single mom. Kandi reveals that she hasn’t been close to her dad since she was five years old and that her daughter Riley’s dad is also an absentee dad. This was a teary moment. Most Real Sex Talk: Whether discussing dildos (Kandi gave her mother one) or NeNe dishing on her take on oral sex and Kandi giving tips of how women can make their vajayjays stickier (with sugar), the ladies held nothing back this week. As usual, the scene stealer, NeNe summed the whole deal up with a now classic line: “Listen, I would never put Kool Aid, canned yams, a peppermint candy, pancake syrup, you know, none of those things in my vajayjay. That’s crazy.” Do we love her or what? Worst Confrontation: Peter decides that NeNe’s conservative approach to sex could be the reason she’s having problems with Gregg. Did Peter really have to say that in front of the cameras? And what exactly did NeNe say for him to come at her like that? We get the feeling the beginning of the scene was left on the editing table. What did you love about this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”?