On this week’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” we got to witness one of the most over-the-top baby showers in the history of man. We kid, but Phaedra’s baby shower took the cake for ridiculous displays of fabulosity, or boughetto (when bougie meets ghetto), as noted by Kandi. Find out what other moments had us gasping about this week’s foray into the lives of these six Southern belles: Best Plastic/ Fantastic Moment: You’ve got to give to NeNe for having enough chutzpah to reveal that she’s had plastic surgery. But did our girl really have to get three procedures in one episode? A breast lift, a nose job and liposuction in one go? Oh well, it’s NeNe so you either go hard or go home. Best “I’m gonna smack the heck out of you” Moment: The look on Cynthia Bailey’s fiance Peter Thomas’s face when Phaedra says she wouldn’t be with a man with kids because she wants someone who is “clean” with no baggage. Best “Keep it Real” Moment: “I could work it out, but I don’t feel like it,” says NeNe about liposuction. Girl, we can relate. Best “Over the Top” Moment: Phaedra assigns Dwight to plan her baby shower because she wanted it to be “ultra-Southern and over the top.” And Dwight complied. The big hats, the gloves, the ballerinas, the male escorts, and Phaedra walking in to a standing ovation. Is it us or was Dwight living ut his own fantasies? Still, it was a visual feast, miss honey. Two snaps, Dwight! Best Family Moment: We got a glimse of where Kim’s carazy comes from: her mom and dad. And who knew Kim was Italian? But the part about her parents liking Big Poppa even though he is still “technically” married was creepy, don’t you think? Most Awkward Moment: Lisa Wu Hartwell attended Phaedra’s baby shower, and boy did the camera catch her trying to make an early exit. Kim’s advise: “Just keep drinking.” What was your favorite moment from last night’s episode?

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