This week’s episode focused on the kind of over-the-top antics we’ve come to love (and hate) about Kim Zolciak. As she makes her way to The White Party to perform “Tardy for the Party,” the boobalicious mom of two channels her inner Liberace by hiring a yellow Lamborghini, and a separate limo to hold all her clothing. Poor Kandi stood by, patiently perplexed by Kim’s Lady Gaga moments. From then on, we knew this was going to be one heck of a ride. Here are our favorite moments from last night’s episode… Best Side-Eye Moment: Phaedra Parks explains her husband Apollo’s quirks with a dismissive “He grew up in a White household.” Not only does Phaedra berate her husband for not liking “fancy stuff,” but she blames it on the fact that he is biracial and is used to eating “canned food and packed meats.” Is Phaedra describing her husband or a pet? Fiercest Fashion Moment: Between the ripped jeans and chandelier earrings, there were lots of fashions to love. But what stole the show? Those over the top tutus worn by Kim and Kandi during their performance! Best Quick Save: Kim’s decision to don a teeny black pouf dress meant all sorts of fashion emergencies. Kim worried that her boobs might fall out, which had her miracle worker stylist preventing a nip-slip by attaching a halter strap to her bustier. Then she worried her dress might blow in the wind, exposing her vajayjay, which we’re sure the gays wouldn’t have minded one bit. Again, her stylist saved the day. Do we love him or what? Best Quote: “Kim has one single and she’s acting like Lady Gaga — already,” said Kandi wondering if she had created a mini-monster. As an artist with tons of experience, Kandi was visibly annoyed at Kim’s lack of discipline. Best Showdown: Never one to mince her words, Sheree Whitfield decided to confront Dwight Eubanks about the supposed $30,000 he spent on her She by Sheree fashion show last season. Dwight comes with backup, his publicist, but it’s still no match for Sheree — who shoots down each expenditure Dwight mentions, including spending $1,200 for copies. “If you have $30,000, wouldn’t you fix your nose so you can breathe?” quips Sheree, flashing her round-the-way girl side. Cutest Moment: Sadly for us, NeNe Leakes didn’t get as much airtime on this episode, but when she was on, she showed a softer, gentler side while having a heart-to-heart with her 11-year-old son, Brent. She warned him about following in his big brother’s footsteps. What was your favorite moment from this episode? For more of the “Real Housewives” drama you love, click here.

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