Rapper Vince Staples Goes In On R. Kelly: ‘He’s A F–king Child Molester’
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Rapper Vince Staples is not here for R. Kelly, and he let it be known during an interview over the weekend at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

While Nadeska Alexis of Complex’s Everyday Struggle attempted to ask Staples about his music, his sense of humor, or anything else besides the “Ignition” singer, the Long Beach rapper was firmly focused on calling out R. Kelly’s alleged predilection for underage young women.

“R. Kelly never went to jail and he’s a f-cking child molester,” Staples said during the interview. “He’s a child molester. He’s a child molester, and he pees on people, and he can’t read and write, and he didn’t go to jail.”

According to Vogue, Staples is “the most unassuming rapper in hip-hop.” He doesn’t drink or do drugs, he doesn’t flash cash, or really care about money at all. Instead, he focuses his music on giving voice to the voiceless, which apparently extends to R. Kelly’s (alleged) victims.

Staples called himself “a good person,” and said Kelly was “a piece of f-cking sh-t.” While news of Kelly’s problematic, and some even say criminal, relationship to underage girls is widely known, Kelly has yet to feel the wrath of the #MeToo movement like Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simmons.

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Kelly has been accused of running “a sex cult” and is currently under investigation by police in Dallas. The singer has denied the horrific allegations, but Staples isn’t buying it.

“If a piece of f-cking sh-t R. Kelly didn’t go to jail for being a child molester and peeing on people and having a human trafficking ring in Atlanta, I’ll be alright,” Staples said.

But, according to the rapper, Kelly’s people weren’t too happy with his “pretty logical take” on the R&B singer.

“I just got a text saying R. Kelly people is looking for me,” he tweeted on Monday. “Guess it’s time to get security, the Pied Piper is coming.”

Something tell us Vince will be fine.