We are sad to report that the beloved multi-hyphenate Brax, born Braxton Baker, has passed away. She was 21.

Her community of supporters and friends have begun to share their condolences online. “You were such an amazing light,” wrote makeup artist Scott Osbourne on Instagram. “Man the work you created, and the work we created together will live on forever.”

In a 2018 interview with Svage magazine, she spoke on what she sought to accomplish as an artist, saying, “My role is to create art straight from my heart. For I know that art will be pure, poetic, powerful, and healing.” She then added, “All I want to do is help the world heal. That’s when things will begin to shift.”

The artist was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1998. In 2017, she rose to fame after she shared a music project titled VERSE(atility).

During the aforementioned interview, she shared that she was the force behind her creative work. “I have been using my creativity to build a unique brand for years,” she said. “I’ve been directing my own shoots, directing my own videos, styling myself, writing poetry, writing articles, writing raps, choreographing dances, styling myself, and styling others like it was nothing for years. So I guess that’s how I’ve been making it work for me.”

We are sending our love to her family during this difficult time.

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