“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”–Marion C. Garretty There is no single individual greater than a mother. They are the great keepers of our society and heads of our households. Coming from a single parent household, I witnessed firsthand the strength and courage of the single mother. I always had my father in my life but my household was run by my mother and my grandmother. As a result, I have always had the utmost respect for women, and have chosen to strongly convey that in my music. As Mother’s day is upon us, I am performing at Ne-Yo and The Compound Foundation’s third annual Celebration of Mothers. This year, they are honoring Georgia’s foster mothers, and to be honest, I am honored to be able to join them. To be a mother is a beautiful thing, but to be able to assume the role for a child in need is nothing less than amazing. I believe that any woman who takes on the role of a mother, whether it be naturally or through foster care or adoption, should be held in the highest regard. The strength it takes to love, mold, and nurture a child should be honored every single day. Like many of you, I am who and what I am because I had a mother who loved and encouraged me every step of the way, and to this day she is supportive of who I have become. My sons have the blessing of having strong, beautiful mothers. So, as we have this day, take a moment to remember the mother or mother figure in your life. Remember their contribution to your life and be thankful that we all get to have our very own personal superheroes that we only have to call by one name… MOM. Super Hero” Remember how you used to rush home from school trying to get home to see “Voltron,” “G.I. Joe,” “Transformers.” For the older heads, I guess it was like “Fat Albert,” “Superman,” “Spiderman,” “Wonder Woman” (Yeah) and some say that superheros only fly high in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane but I’mma tell you about the superhero I know. Wonder woman, I know My golden girl… Verse 1 Momma had it hard Mmma worked overtime to put clothes on my back, Momma’s love was stern she straighten me up good when I got off track Momma risked her life damn near died pushing me out And umpteen years later here I stand See momma’s little boy done became a man Pre-Hook And some think super heroes climb buildings and fly through the sky Well I beg to differ, momma you’re the reason why Some may thing a role model strikes a home run or a touchdown But momma’s always been a solider back then and right now My wonder woman (my wonder woman), my super woman I’m sorry for the times I let you down {hey momma} And when life was testing me (life was testing me) You always saw the best in me (oh yeah) So momma Im’a proudly sing this loud (let it ring out loud) And if you don’t know who you are (are, are {hey, hey, hey momma} Hook Momma you’ll always be my super hero (first lady and golden girl) Momma you’ll always be my super hero (first lady and golden girl) Momma you’ll always be my super hero (first lady and golden girl) Momma you’ll always be my super hero (first lady and golden girl Verse 2 Momma always cared for me Momma’s still praying for me Who you think was the first one there for me When they left me for dead in the street (my momma) For more Love and War Chronicles by Raheem DeVaughn stories, click here.