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R. Kelly Accuser Lanita Carter Finally Speaks Out About Horrifying Sexual Assault

Carter, the woman originally identified as "L.C." in the indictment in Kelly's criminal case, is speaking out about her encounter with the singer.
R. Kelly Accuser Lanita Carter Recounts Horrifying Sexual Assault
CBS News
R. Kelly accuser Lanita Carter has opened up about the horrifying experience she faced at the hands of the singer. Carter, initially identified as “L.C.” in the indictment in the criminal case against Kelly, said Thursday that she’s “not ashamed of my past anymore” after sitting down with CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan to recount the alleged sexual assault that took place in 2003.
Carter shared that she braided Kelly’s hair for more than a year until February 2003, when the singer allegedly assaulted her. “I get a phone call to come down and do his hair,” Carter began. “When he came to the room and he asked me for that head massage, and I told him I didn’t do massages, I laughed it off.” Carter added that initially she didn’t know if Kelly was “for real” in his request, adding: “If I could change that day – I wouldn’t have been there.” “He pulled my braid down by him. And he [said], ‘Suck it for daddy, suck it for daddy.’ And I said, ‘No.’ And I did like this. And he just started going, [spitting noises]. He did it, like, six times,” she continued.
Carter added that when the two were interrupted and the door opened, Kelly told her to “fix your face! Fix your motherf***ing face!” “I knew that it’ll be my last day there,” she continued. Carter was a fan and supporter of Kelly’s before that day, telling friends during the singer’s trial for child pornography charges that “he is nothing like what they say.”

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Revealing details of her alleged assault, Carter said she wondered, “Why did this happen to me?” She noted at one point during the interview that at the time of her assault she wasn’t “dressed no type of way.” After the assault, Carter called the police immediately, handing over her clothes, which had Kelly’s semen on them. However, charges were not filed at the time. “Celebrities are powerful,” Carter said. “Celebrities have support systems. I have no support system outside of my immediate family.”