‘Queen Sugar’ Star Tina Lifford On Playing A ‘Cougar’ And Her Experiences Dating Younger Men
Mike Windle/2016 Getty Images

During Queen Sugar’s record-breaking September debut on OWN, all eyes were on Aunt Violet and her much younger boyfriend, Hollywood.

The way the tended to each other, loved one another–unashamedly and without fault that there was indeed a significant age difference–they indeed captured our hearts and with the arrival of every new epsiode each week, we rooted from them. 

Tina Lifford, the brilliant actress who brings Aunt Violent to life on screen, chatted exclusively with ESSENCE about all things Queen Sugar, Hollywood and whether, just like her character, she has ever dated a younger man. 

“Hollywood just feels like home for Vi,” Lifford tells us. 

Alongside Omar Dorsey, who plays the man who has Vi’s heart, the Parenthood alum and 40-year-old actor share a relationship that fulfills Violet Bordelon’s soul in all the ways she has ever dreamed of. 

“Hollywood feels like the place that Violet has been trying to get to in her life for a long time,” say Lifford. “These two people are only aware of age because of the society that we live in. They connected and they’re not dating an age, they’re dating a spirit and dating core values. Hollywood is a fit because they both are solid in similar ways. Their priorities are love and loyalty, clearly.”

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As for her own personal quest for love, Lifford says that she doesn’t discriminate against, age, race or nationality. 

“I have dated younger men, outside of my race and my nationality,” says Lifford. “Each time it wasn’t that I was looking for either of those categories but I would meet someone that I could have a conversation with that felt like it belonged in my life and I got what that relationship had to offer.”

Viewers will have to stay tuned in to the remainder of the season to see if Vi and Hollywood weather the storm of love, especially after their heartbreaking exhchange on episode 7 (no spoilers).

Time will certainly tell if the two kindred souls will have the forever they truly deserve.

Queen Sugar airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.