In a candid interview,  Grammy-winning recording artist, and Oscar nominated actress, Queen Latifah sat down with Larry King last night, to discuss her new book and a variety of other hot topics. Here is what she said. On her new book, “Put on Your Crown”: “I feel like every woman is a queen and we should be treated as such. Putting on your crown is really accepting the fact that you are a queen. You are a great woman, so wherever you are in life, just keep on on that path.” On female MC’s: “The call is on for more female rappers in hip-hop.” On turning 40: “Turning a new age never freaked me out. I don’t put time limits on when I have to do things, because life is change. What happens on your path is what happens while you are going there. It is how you feel inside and how you live your life; so 40 is good.” On Tiger Woods: “We need to leave Tiger alone. I think anybody is capable of overcoming challenges with the right things in their life. Number one, I think God can do all things so if people pray, it means something. I think he can overcome whatever challenges he faces. I think underneath all that, he lost himself in this.” On her mother: “My mom is my best friend. She spent a lot of time with my brother and me. She encouraged us to do so much. When no one else can calm me down, my mother can. My mom raised me to be a queen.” On motherhood: “I am planning on having kids.” On her personal life: “What happens in my personal life is my personal business.” On prejudice in America: “When the cab doesn’t stop for me and it stops for the White guy, that’s prejudice- that’s racism. It’s hurtful, it drives you nuts, but you don’t let it break you. You know, we are strong resilient people. We are not going to let something break us. We just bounce back. We find a way. What is your favorite Queen Latifah movie?