Prince’s Sister Says Paisley Park Has Remained Unchanged Since His Death – Except For This One Thing
Courtesy of NBC

Prince always planned on turning Paisley Park into a museum for his fans. Six months after the singer’s death, the place where he worked, lived will be open to the public to tour this week.

Wednesday on the Today show, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson revealed to Al Roker the eerie change to Prince’s estate, Paisley Park, since his untimely death.

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Prince had two doves named Majesty and Divinity. The birds who live on the grounds are credited for singing on Prince’s album, “One Night Alone.” Since his death, however, Nelson shares that birds have remained silent.

“If they’re quiet, it doesn’t feel the same,” said Nelson. “After he passed, they weren’t talking. When I first came in, I’m like, ‘Where [are] the doves? What’s going on?”

She was assured that the doves were still on the compound, but hadn’t been as vocal since Prince never returned home.

While touring Studio A in Prince’s estate, Al Roker shares that everything in the studio has been left just as Prince left it. Fortunate enough, to hear the doves while touring, Roker states, “It’s literally doves crying right now.”


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