<p>Prince's Family Is Reportedly Developing A Reality Show</p>

The late artist's loved ones are looking to show how they're coping after his untimely death.


Before Prince‘s untimely death last spring, he was in talks with Netflix for a reality show based on his beloved Paisley Park in Minnesota.

The opportunity was discussed in a GQ interview with Maya Washington, Prince’s friend.

Netflix confirmed the information saying, “We did have discussions about it, but sadly for all of us it did not come to fruition prior to his passing.”

Now, it appears a reality show may still happen, but this time with Prince’s mourning family. 

According to TMZ, Prince’s family is in the early development stages of a show that will focus on how their lives have changed since he passed in April 2016. 

“Prince’s estate wants to get into the reality show biz, and that’s why it went to war to shut down the release of a new album on the anniversary of his death,” the news outlet claims. “We’re told the family’s fighting George Ian Boxill, the producer of the ‘Deliverance’ EP, to keep the music under wraps so they can debut it on the show.”

We’ll look out for updates on the show and any new music released from the Beautiful One.