President Obama’s State of the Union Speech to Focus on Jobs
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Tomorrow night, President Barack Obama will come before a joint-session of congress for his annual State of the Union address.

According to USA Today, the president is expected to make jobs and the economy the main topic of his speech—especially since unemployment rose to 7.9% in January. President Obama told House Democrats last week, “I’m going to be talking about making sure that we’re focused on job creation here in the United States of America.”

He also aims to highlight several other factors that could stimulate economic growth including immigration. “Obviously economic growth is a priority,” said Obama. “But making sure that we’re opening up opportunity for everybody is also important. And that’s why immigration reform is so critical.”

In addition to jobs, the commander-in-chief will touch on “budget disputes” related to the upcoming March 1 deadline for defense and domestic cuts expected to total $85 billion. That significant cut in spending is also known as “the sequester.”

Gun control and climate change will also be topics the president touches upon during his televised speech.

Tomorrow night’s address comes months after President Obama announced his sweeping 23-point gun-control proposal for America. “The majority of responsible gun owners recognize we cannot have a situation in which 20 more of our children, or a 100 more of our children, or a 1,000 more of our children are shot and killed in a senseless fashion, and that there are some common-sense steps that we can take and build a consensus around,” said the president.

The State of Union is expected begin at 9 p.m. E.T. Will you be tuning in?


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