President Obama is making it rain for 2012!

In the last three months, he’s raised $86 million combined for the reelection campaign and Democratic party, breaking Democratic National Committee records and giving him a financial leg-up on the Republican party.

Campaign manager Jim Messina said the money will help build strong campaign ads and voting efforts in next year’s election. Plus, let’s not forget the obvious: the record-breaking fundraiser has topped Republicans, who have collectively only raised $35 million.

In other reelection news, President Obama also recently said he plans to win the 2012 presidential debate. “And whoever the Republican nominee is” he said at a news conference. “We’re going to have a big, serious debate about what we believe is the right way to guide America forward and to win the future.”

“And I’m confident that I will win that debate, because I think that we’ve got the better approach.”

Good luck President Obama!


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