Former President Barack Obama showed that his baby whispering skills are still going strong.

Jolene Jackinsky was with her six-month-old daughter at Anchorage International Airport on Monday when she randomly spotted the 44th president waiting for a private flight. He was apparently on his way back to Washington D.C. after a trip to Asia, CNN reports.

When Obama spotted them, he immediately walked over and scooped up the baby Giselle.

“Who is this pretty girl?“ he asked the cute baby that was sporting a ribboned sun hat.

He even joked that he would take the baby when Giselle’s father walked over. And from her facial expressions, baby Giselle recognized that it was a big moment.

“It was unreal and very exciting,” said Jackinsky. “After I met him I couldn’t believe I actually talked to him and he held my baby.“ 

What would you do if Obama held your baby?