More Drama For Mama: Porsha Williams Shares Nasty NeNe Leakes Texts
Another reunion special underway, another battle ensues. As the trailer for the three-part reunion special of Real Housewives of Atlanta was released, two of the show’s most popular stars are engaged in a nasty spat on social media. Porsha Williams took to Instagram Friday to expose nasty text messages allegedly sent from her co-star and one-time big sister, NeNe Leakes.
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“This is what my so called ‘Big sis’ sent me last night 6 days after giving birth,” the new mom wrote to her 4.3 million followers.  “NeNe Leakes is so miserable and ain’t happy for nobody. It’s not a contest I’m just living my life and being blessed.” Williams, who welcomed a daughter named Pilar with her fiancé Dennis McKinley last Friday, added that she shared the messages so fans can “see for themselves!” She ended the post using the hashtags: #FatShamingANewMom ShameOnYou, #NonsupportiveEdglessbird and #IsThisYourQueen. The reality star also shared in a post-script that her fiancé “might make me delete soon.” She eventually did. The alleged text messages from Leakes were vicious, calling Williams everything but a child of God, and continuing to talk about the now-infamous “Bye Wig” Party when Williams and co-star Kandi Burruss went into Leakes’ closet without permission. It resulted in a camera guy getting assaulted by Leakes, and the two women leaving. Leakes allegedly wrote, “You lying a** big fat b****h!  You know I never put my hands on you!  Marlo, Cynthia nor Kandi can EVER say that! You want and excuse for going in my closet without my permission. So you can talk your fake sh*t on IG all you want, but remember my house is lit wit cameras!”

Alex Martinez/Bravo

Whew. Leakes, who’s been on the Bravo reality series since its inception in 2008, quickly responded on her own Instagram account. She shared a more positive message that she sent to Williams that said in part: “Congratulations! No matter where we are in our relationship, being a mother is truly a blessing and only women can bring life into the world.” In the caption, she added, “This is what I sent you after you gave birth! I sent you text messages last nite after I saw on social media what you had said. I could have responded back on social media but I decided to text rather than do that!” Leakes claimed that Williams was “doing the most” to promote her upcoming Bravo special centered all on her and the birth of Baby PJ, titled, Porsha’s Having A Baby. It premieres April 28 after part three of the RHOA reunion. Part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season reunion special premieres April 7.


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