Porsha Williams Hid Her Pregnancy from Her ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Costars With This Trick!
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When Porsha Williams first suspected that she was pregnant, she wasn’t ready to share the news with her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates. But the ladies were already suspecting that Williams was pregnant in the latest episode of the Bravo show. So Williams came up with a great idea to get them off her trail. During a trip to Destin, Florida, she decided to dump a bottle of Hennessy, fill with Coca-Cola and orange juice. “I have to resort to tricking them,” she said. “I’ve been known to like to have fun and have me a cocktail sometimes. So to make this happen, I am having to breath in and breath out and poor good, fresh Hennessy (down the drain). This is tough. This is a test. I really have to mix this potion up just right.” And when she pulled out the bottle on their last night, the ladies bought the lie. “It’s the last night. I know I haven’t had anything to drink with you ladies, but I thought I would do a little something,” she told the audience. Williams announced her pregnancy in September after much speculation. After going public about her relationship with Dennis McKinley this summer, Williams has been very open about her love for the 37-year-old entrepreneur. They are expecting a baby girl. She chose not to tell the ladies about the pregnancy this early because of a previous miscarriage. “I’ve decided not to tell the girls about the pregnancy now because it’s just a scary thing if you’ve ever dealt with a miscarriage before,” she said. “So to me, it’s not going to be real, real, real until I go to the first appointment and everything’s okay.”