Pharrell and Yoobi Unveil a New School Supply Collection Just In Time for Back to School Season
Courtesy of Target

Pharrell’s creative collective, i am Other, has teamed up with Yoobi to create a collection of supplies that aims to inspire kids.

According to The Huffington Post, the collection hopes to encourage self-acceptance, individuality, and social consciousness while supporting classrooms in need.

“I think that first and foremost what it will do is give them the means of confidence to express themselves,” the superproducer told HuffPost. “I realize that they’re gonna grow up and see the things that’s happening, and hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes so that the future don’t repeat the past.”

Yoobi took input from kids for the new collection, giving them an opportunity to share their art and the things that inspire them. Pharrell stressed that the future for today’s kids relies on the decisions made now.

“What we can do, both i am OTHER and Yoobi and other organizations, is continue to make sure that kids have the confidence to express themselves, they have the supplies – tangibly and literally – to express themselves and see that there are corporations that are in their corner while they’re in their formative years.”


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