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Patti LaBelle Has Some Words On Aretha Franklin's Retirement

It's all love between these two R&B Divas.
Patti LaBelle Speaks on Aretha Franklin’s Retirement
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It’s no secret that Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle have had their share of diva encounters.

It’s the kind of feud that’s never materialized into anything major (nor has it been confirmed), besides out-singing at tribute concerts and throwing shade at formal events. Nonetheless, the two are legends in their own right, garnering fans worldwide and continuing to influence music today.

And after Ms. Franklin announced her retirement from singing last February, many were wondering what Patti’s thoughts were. 

In a recent interview with The Kansas City Star, Patti kept it honest. “Child, I’m going to be singing with my boots on until I fall down,” she said. 

Adding “But my girl Aretha, I’m sad to hear that because I love her. And not to be able to see her again live is not so cute. But God bless her because she probably has her own great reasons why she feels it’s time for her to retire. But I was just sad to hear it.”

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But while Aretha doesn’t plan to make music or perform anymore, she may actually come for Patti in another way. 

“Ms. Patti’s gonna have to move that pie to the side,” she told Local 4 Detroit News about her upcoming line of food products. “One of them is my chili and the other is my gumbo. [There will also be] my baked chicken and dressing, which will be in a loaf pan kind of like you would see Sarah Lee cakes.”

Music aside, nobody messes with Patti’s pies. We’d like to see how this turns out.